LocoFi in Action

LocoFi™ at an Ops Session

Run from Mt. Shasta to Gerber

At Colusa Shasta Div RR and Walt's Trains and Electronics, Colusa, CA

(Walthers, GP9M, DRGW #5952)

Yard Switching

Bachmann, GP50, NS #6551

Bachmann, FM H16-44, Southern #2148

Rivarossi, GE U25C, CBQ #550

Athearn, GP60M, BNSF #132

Minor Dirty Track? No problem!

Demo run at the Carquinez Model Railroad Society, Crockett, CA

Thank you! We had a blast.

(Rivarossi, GE U25C, CBQ #550)

Demo Run and Usage of Single Locomotive

Using engineer dashboard

Simple and intuitive; Demo using a Blue Box

(Athearn, GP35, B&O #3509)

How Slow Can LocoFi™ Go?

Watch this interesting video on the slow speed performance of LocoFi™ decoder module in older Athearn Blue Box locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Burlington #989)

LocoFi™ at work in Tyco

Tyco making its run at the National Train Show, 2018, Kansas City, MO. Yes, LocoFi™ can bring it to life too!

(Tyco, GP20, Santa Fe #5628)

Can it run on a 9V battery?

How about if you can fit this or a rechargeable battery inside the locomotive itself or in a trailing dummy?

(Walthers, SD70ACe, UP #8325)

LocoFi Decoder Module

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Featured Installation

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a newer DCC ready loco as demonstrated by John Abatecola of TSG Multimedia

(Kato, GE C44-9W, Union Pacific #9632)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation II

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a DCC-ready locomotive

(Rivarossi, GE U25C, CB&Q #550)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Quick Install I

Quick demo on installation of LocoFi™ module in newer Athearn RTR DCC-ready locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Conrail #2289)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation I

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in older Athearn Blue Box locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Burlington #989)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation III

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a Tyco locomotive

(Tyco, GP20, Santa Fe #5628)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Replacing microSD card

A short video clip showing how to take out an microSD card for loading new sound files and then put in back in

LocoFi App

LocoFi™ App:

How to install LocoFi™ app on Android from Google Play Store

LocoFi™ App - Multi-User Multi-Train Engineer Dashboard

How multiple locos can be managed on one device and how multiple devices see them

LocoFi™ App:
Adding Loco to Network

How to add a new locomotive to the LocoFi™ network

LocoFi™ App - Highlights of app update 2.10

Configure loco, haptic controls, app preferences and more

Customer Testimonials

Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

Installation of LocoFi™ in a European style D342 OM 3001 DCC ready locomotive

(Milan, Italy)

Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

Installation of LocoFi™ in a Proto 2000 SD7 replacing Soundtraxx Tsunami2


LocoFi™ in SD7 1
LocoFi™ in SD7 2
LocoFi™ in SD7 3
LocoFi™ in O Gauge

Rated for 2A motor current, DDLLHA can handle O gauge equipment easily. Default speaker was replaced with a larger one for optimum sound.

(S-2, Pennsylvania #5648)


LocoFi™ in O Gauge IC8024
LocoFi™ in O Gauge ALCO
LocoFi™ in O Gauge 0-6-0
LocoFi™ in O Gauge S2
Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

LocoFi™ in a Kato Alco 251

Courtesy: Black Creek Industrial Terminal and Newport Northern railways

(ON, Canada)

Customer Install of LocoFi™

Model Power F2-A

(Tahiti, French Polynesia)

LocoFi™ in S Scale

This Amtrak FP40PH is powered by LocoFi™ Generation 1 (DDLLHA) module. Rated for 2A, it is adequate for most S Scale diesels with sounds coming from the default included speaker.




LocoFi™ at the NMRA National Train Show 2019, Sandy UT
Watch from 40:30


LocoFi™ - Alpha

Our first test run... a POC primitive version of LocoFi™ to demonstrate what can be possible

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LocoFi™ App Update 2.20 - Part 1

Configure lights/engine direction, # of throttle speed steps, momentum and more

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