LocoFi in Action

LocoFi™ at an Ops Session

Run from Mt. Shasta to Gerber

At Colusa Shasta Div RR and Walt's Trains and Electronics, Colusa, CA

(Walthers, GP9M, DRGW #5952)

Yard Switching

Bachmann, GP50, NS #6551

Bachmann, FM H16-44, Southern #2148

Rivarossi, GE U25C, CBQ #550

Athearn, GP60M, BNSF #132

Minor Dirty Track? No problem!

Demo run at the Carquinez Model Railroad Society, Crockett, CA

Thank you! We had a blast.

(Rivarossi, GE U25C, CBQ #550)

Demo Run and Usage of Single Locomotive

Using engineer dashboard

Simple and intuitive; Demo using a Blue Box

(Athearn, GP35, B&O #3509)

How Slow Can LocoFi™ Go?

Watch this interesting video on the slow speed performance of LocoFi™ decoder module in older Athearn Blue Box locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Burlington #989)

LocoFi™ at work in Tyco

Tyco making its run at the National Train Show, 2018, Kansas City, MO. Yes, LocoFi™ can bring it to life too!

(Tyco, GP20, Santa Fe #5628)

Can DDLLHA run on a 9V battery?

How about if you can fit this or a rechargeable battery inside the locomotive itself or in a trailing dummy?

(Walthers, SD70ACe, UP #8325)

Deadrail with LocoFi™ 2 on a 2S LiPo

LocoFi 2 can work at as low as 7V which is ideal for a 2S 7.4V LiPo and more possibility of fitting together with the battery in the loco itself

(Model Power, RS-2, Santa Fe #2099)

European loco? No problem!

Contrary to what looks like, DDLLHA will fit even an older European loco with relatively large motor and very little internal space.

(Roco, BR 215)


LocoFi Decoder Module

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Featured Installation

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a newer DCC ready loco as demonstrated by John Abatecola of TSG Multimedia

(Kato, GE C44-9W, Union Pacific #9632)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation II

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a DCC-ready locomotive

(Rivarossi, GE U25C, CB&Q #550)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Quick Install I

Quick demo on installation of LocoFi™ module in newer Athearn RTR DCC-ready locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Conrail #2289)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation I

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in older Athearn Blue Box locomotive

(Athearn, GP35, Burlington #989)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Installation III

Installation of LocoFi™ decoder module in a Tyco locomotive

(Tyco, GP20, Santa Fe #5628)

LocoFi™ Decoder Module:
Replacing microSD card

A short video clip showing how to take out an microSD card for loading new sound files and then put in back in

LocoFi App

When I first receive my module

How to quickly get set up and started with your first module

LocoFi™ App:

How to install LocoFi™ app on Android from Google Play Store

LocoFi™ App - Multi-User Multi-Train Engineer Dashboard

How multiple locos can be managed on one device and how multiple devices see them

LocoFi™ App Update 2.20 - Part 1

Configure lights/engine direction, # of throttle speed steps, momentum and more

LocoFi™ App:
Adding Loco to Network

How to add a new locomotive to the LocoFi™ network

LocoFi™ App - Highlights of app update 2.10

Configure loco, haptic controls, app preferences and more

LocoFi™ App Update 2.20 - Part 2

Configure scale speed, speed matching and more

Customer Testimonials

Customer Endorsement of LocoFi™ Operated Layout

LocoFi™ powered layout with 10 locos simultaneously powered by two simple power supplies. No complex network of cables or wires under the table.

Read the entire story: A Hearty Endorsement


Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

Installation of LocoFi™ in a European style D342 OM 3001 DCC ready locomotive

(Milan, Italy)

LocoFi™ in O Gauge

Rated for 2A motor current, DDLLHA can handle O gauge equipment easily. Default speaker was replaced with a larger one for optimum sound.

(S-2, Pennsylvania #5648)


LocoFi™ in O Gauge IC8024
LocoFi™ in O Gauge ALCO
LocoFi™ in O Gauge 0-6-0
LocoFi™ in O Gauge S2
Customer Install of LocoFi™

Model Power F2-A

(Tahiti, French Polynesia)

LocoFi™ in G Scale

Customized to support higher motor current by driving an external H-bridge from the LocoFi™ motor outputs, it is possible to power any larger scale easily with LocoFi™. Custom sound for horn (Does it sound more realistic?).

(GP 38-2, Santa Fe)


LocoFi™ powers this Swiss E-Loco with custom sounds and extra capacitors for power backup

Download Sound files for Swiss E-Loco Re 4/4 I

(Courtesy: Reto Huber, Switzerland)

Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

Installation of LocoFi™ in a Proto 2000 SD7 replacing Soundtraxx Tsunami2


LocoFi™ in SD7 1
LocoFi™ in SD7 2
LocoFi™ in SD7 3
LocoFi™ in O Scale

LocoFi™ equipped O Gauge Weaver RS3 3-rail diesel locomotive that is in the process of being converted to a 2-rail  RS2. It is deadrail fitted with 12V LiPo battery and single NWSL Stanton drive. LocoFi™ 1st Gen DDLLHA easily handles the 9-car load.

Courtesy: Black Diamond Society of Model Engineers, Bethlehem PA

Customer Install and Demo of LocoFi™

LocoFi™ in a Kato Alco 251 [Red]

LocoFi™ 2 in Atlas Alco 420 [Green]

Courtesy: Black Creek Industrial Terminal and Newport Northern railways

(ON, Canada)

LocoFi™ in S Scale

This Amtrak FP40PH is powered by LocoFi™ Generation 1 (DDLLHA) module. Rated for 2A, it is adequate for most S Scale diesels with sounds coming from the default included speaker.




LocoFi™ at the NMRA National Train Show 2019, Sandy UT
Watch from 40:30
LocoFi™ LIVE on Jim Kellow's (MMR) "New Tracks"
LocoFi™ LIVE on NMRA PCR Coast Division
LocoFi™ - WiFi Model Train Control


LocoFi™ - Alpha

Our first test run... a POC primitive version of LocoFi™ to demonstrate what can be possible




Downhill on Tehachapi - SDMRM

One of the most famous Tehachapi loop is re-created at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum

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