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Paradigm Shift


Powerful Computing

  • Support higher bandwidth. Opens up possibilities. Stream a cab ride video.
  • Automation
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Being able to talk to several devices simultaneously. More possibilities!
Hardware for Trust and Reliability
  • Dual micro-controller powered architecture: Powerful and responsive

  • WiFi enabled for direct control using your smartphone

  • Dedicated micro-controller for onboard  high fidelity sound processing

  • Premium micro speaker with acoustically matched enclosure

  • MicroSD card with sound files for ultimate control and versatility

  • On-board capacitor to assist with dirty track issues​

What Powers LocoFi™?

The WiFi Advantage

LocoFi™ brings you the simplicity, reliability and security of WiFi. No complex wired communication setups to deal with. In fact, no setup required, period. It is truly plug'n'play. Nor the unreliable signal drop-offs associated with other wireless communication protocols. Plus, chances are you are already running a WiFi network at your home or club to connect to.

The LocoFi™ Ecosystem

How it all comes together... Simply

The LocoFi Ecosystem - How it all comes together

LocoFi™ Module internals: digging a little deeper

Here's digging a little deeper into LocoFi

3 Ways to Connect

3 ways to connect LocoFi

1. Single User, Single Loco:
Direct WiFi connection to LocoFi™ decoder


2. Single User, Multi Loco:
Single user connects over home or club WiFi


3. True Multi User, Multi Loco Control:
Every user controls their train(s) on their smartphone.

The Ground Up Approach

We asked model railroaders:
What is your biggest challenge while planning a new model railroad layout?

8 out of 10 said: COMPLEXITY

So, we posed the following questions to ourselves:

Why do I need additional wiring for "wireless" locomotive control?

Why do I need to learn software programming or memorize tables, simply for locomotive control?

Why do I have to buy separate controllers for locomotive control, while I use my smartphone for pretty much everything else?

Why do I need a separate computer when everyone has a powerful computer aka smartphone (literally) in their hands?

...And we answered with LocoFi™

The LocoFi™ Advantage

  • Easy to use: Graphical in nature. Very powerful computers in everyone's hands. Why not utilize them for other than just their phone capability.
  • Intuitive: The intuitiveness of control operations interface is unparalleled to the cryptic punches of buttons on many hand held throttles. We literally let kids run the trains during our demos at the train shows.
  • Prototypical: Optimized realistic sounds with excellent slow speed operation.
  • User configurable: We believe the power to tinker with the system should ultimately reside with the modelers. The DIY aspect of modeling is what makes it a great hobby. It should not reside with the manufacturers.
  • Open standards: Implement your own system.
  • Third party integrations: Anyone can add their own sounds now.
  • OTA ("over the air") updates: This feature alone adds the capability to bring more features and functionalities to your module with a simple tap of the finger without even opening the shell of your locomotive.
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