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Driving Innovation in Model Railroading

Model railroading is a passion we all share. And we are constantly fascinated by how modern technologies help us push the boundaries in exploring this passion.


We are a privately funded startup based out of USA. Our products are designed entirely in the USA. They are assembled at top notch facilities worldwide, employing latest in equipment and using majority of components made in the USA. Our products go through strict quality control with several testing cycles before being shipped out.

We are a team of technology and model railroad enthusiasts, on a mission to simplify operations and management of model trains.

4 years ago, we set out on a journey and took up the challenge to re-invent the fun in model railroading the way it should be. Taking the best of what technology has to offer, combined with the focus to not invest in complex proprietary hardware and leveraging the power of computing in your hands today (you guessed it :-)), we embarked on a mission that will change the future of model railroading forever.

We bring these technologies to the world of model railroading, in a way that makes model railroading more fun and fulfilling for everyone.


Backed by a team with plenty of experience in multitude of technologies, variety of platforms from hardware to software and a burning passion in model railroading, we are set to change the course of model railroading.

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