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Quick Start Guide

3 easy steps to installing the decoder and app

Quick Sound Editing Guide

3 easy steps to adding your own sounds

Sound Volume Editing Guide

Adjust sound volume in just 2 steps

LocoFi™ Locomotive Configuration Cheat Sheet

Configure your locomotive for optimal / prototypical performance

LocoFi™ Reference Guide to CONSISTING

Step by step guide to CONSISTING / MUing with LocoFi™

Download on Google Play Store for Android

LocoFi™ App

Download on Amazon Appstore for Fire

LocoFi™ Technology

Download, print and share LocoFi™ technology in a page

LocoFi™ Product

Download, print and share LocoFi™ products in a page

Generic Diesel 01
Generic Diesel 02

Install these if you do not want any sounds without cutting your speaker out

Blank Sounds
User Contributed Sounds
Our users will sometimes contribute to the growing library of sounds. Please check out the Sound section of our LocoFi™ Forum to see if you find something you like.

Notes: Unzip the downloaded files to a directory and copy them directly to the microSD card. Please use the supplied SD card adapter if needed. Check out the video on how to replace the microSD card in the module. You are free to edit the downloaded files as long as you agree to use it in the LocoFi™ modules only. Please see the Quick Sound Editing Guide above for details on how to edit the sounds.

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