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Install LocoFi™ Sound Decoder or Module DDLLHA (Rated for 2A) into your diesel locomotive and operate it using the LocoFi™ app installed on your smartphone or tablet to enjoy realistic prototypical behavior with excellent slow speed performance while resolving common dirty track issues with an onboard tiny premium capacitor.


LocoFi™ essentially combines wireless connectivity and capabilities of a DCC sound decoder in one module, without additional hardware. It expands possibilities by letting you choose your favorite sound (not decoder) from any third party or provide your own in a non-proprietary way.


LocoFi™ sets a new standard by being standard-free, allowing interoperability of multiple systems on the same layout. No more worrying, when making the decision whether to go DC, or DCC or any other way. LocoFi™ equipped locomotives will run on DC or DCC powered layout, or even be battery powered.


The module comes pre-wired with a premium speaker for onboard diesel sounds (for steam version consider LocoFi™ 3) that are customizable and easily loaded onto the pluggable microSD card. It fits most HO scale diesel locomotives with little or no modification to the chassis. Designed to run on a variety of DC voltage with a range of 9V - 24V, it can even run on DCC track power or battery power (aka "deadrail") as well. All this without laying any additional wiring, or investing in additional hardware like boosters, command stations. or even a central computer.


LocoFi™ App
The module is controlled via the free LocoFi™ app (aka SmartThrottle™) downloadable on your Android device (iOS app coming soon), providing true multi user multi train control without the need of additional hardware like proprietary cab controllers or throttles. The app auto discovers the locomotives ready to be added to your network or already on your network. Select which locomotive(s) you want to control and off you go. You can name your locomotive the way you want it or fine tune the locomotive performance according to your taste with easy to configure settings without any CV programming. Read the realtime speed of your locomotive on a graphical speedometer or transfer control of a locomotive between engineers seamlessly. Switch between multiple trains with the flick of a finger. The SmartThrottle™ comes with haptic controls and cab sounds which can be enabled/disabled according to your preference.


All this plus the best of all: "over the air" updates. Yes, you don't need to upgrade hardware. Instead, the firmware and app upgrades come to you. You don't have to remove the module, send it in for upgrade, pay extra or re-invest into the upgraded version. All updates are free just like the app and you get notified when it's time to upgrade. Many more possibilities forthcoming that do not exist or even be imagined in systems today.


What's included in the package?

  • LocoFi™ module with a premium pre-wired speaker and baffle
  • Quick Start Guide with installation instructions and setup guide
  • microSD card preloaded with one set of generic diesel sounds
  • microSD card adapter to plug into your computer's card reader if you wanted to load different sounds
  • LED bulbs for front and back lights, including spare bulbs [LED resistors are onboard]
  • Heat shrink tubes for protecting the solder joints


It's a fully loaded complete package!



    Migrating from DCC? We can help. Though LocoFi™ equipped locomotives can co-exist independently alongside DC or DCC decoder equipped locomotives, you may eventually want to move everything over to LocoFi™. We understand that the decision to migrate your collection from DCC to LocoFi™, though compelling, is a big one. Especially financially. We hope to contribute our bit by promising a cash rebate of $15 for every DCC sound decoder you replace with a LocoFi™ module. Just send in your old DCC sound decoder for every purchase of LocoFi™ module and we will mail you a check of $15.

    DDLLHA - LocoFi™ | 1st Gen WiFi Sound Decoder for Diesel Locos (Rated for 2A)

    SKU: DDLLHA1906A
    $124.00 Regular Price
    $104.00Sale Price
    • Rated for 2A and measuring at 3.44” x 0.67” or 87.38mm x 17.07mm and designed to fit most HO scale diesel locomotives, it's 7 wires are easily solderable based on the NMRA recommended color coded wire connections. Once powered, the module is recognized on your WiFi connected smartphone automatically. Either operate it directly using direct WiFi (one loco per device) or add it to your existing WiFi network of locos to enjoy multi user multi train control.


      Dual microcontroller based, it is armed with an ESP8266 160MHz microcontroller that handles WiFi, motor and lighting functions and a second 16MHz ATMega328P microcontroller dedicated to produce 8-bit 16kHz 3 channel polyphonic sound via a premium speaker. The sounds are stored on the onboard and pluggable microSD in a .WAV format, it frees you to choose the sound of your choice from your favorite vendor.


      Coupled with the simplicity, reliability and security of WiFi, there are no complex wired communication setups to deal with. In fact, no setup required, period. It is truly plug'n'play. Nor the unreliable signal drop-offs associated with other wireless communication protocols. Plus, chances are you are already running a WiFi network at your home or club to connect to.

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