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Amrit™ provides battery backup power solution for all your LocoFi™ equipped locomotives. It is great for dirty track issues, dead rail and similar applications. It fits most HO scale locomotives and powered rolling stock, including lighted passenger cars and cabooses. Essentially an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), it can keep your LocoFi™ed  locomotive running on battery power during those precious micro-seconds when it loses contact or power due to dirty track issues. In dead rail scenarios, it can provide this backup for upto 5 minutes* on full charge.


Enjoy peace of mind while running your trains as they power through dirty track issues like never before. Install it in your LocoFi™ed locomotive and other powered rolling stock and you are ready to go model railroading worry free, tackling dirty track issues like hot knife through butter. Never lose control of your locomotive as it goes dead rail or crosses dirty track! Designed to fit tight spaces, you no longer need to lug around big batteries in a trailing car for such an application. This hybrid approach gives you best of both worlds!


It's the immortality solution for dead rail and dirty track!


The loco primarily works off of track power.The included tiny rechargeable battery provides backup power whenever the track power voltage drops below a certain threshold or is unavailable temporarily. When the track power is restored, it switches the loco to track power again and recharges the battery simultaneously. Effectively, you never lose power in practically most of the situations!



Amrit™ "solution" (pun intended) consists of the following three potions:

1. Amrit™ Module
This amazingly tiny module sits between your track power and your  LocoFi™ module. Measuring at only 0.68” (L) x 0.52” (W) x 0.12" (T), it accepts 0V - 20V "clean" DC or DCC input voltage. Output voltage is same as the input voltage but switches to battery backup if the input falls below 11V to provide 12V of constant output. Rated for 1.5A, it can easily handle most HO scale locomotives with ease.


2. LiPo Battery

The included 150mAh battery provides enough power to last 5 minutes* for a normally running HO scale locomotive. The run times are much extended for non-sound applications or non-motor applications like lighted passenger cars or cabooses. Appropriately sized for HO scale, the LiPo powerhouse measuring 0.99” (L) x 0.66” (W) x 0.31" (T) packs a solid punch in a tiny package.


3. Magnetically Activated Switch

Wired into the module, is a separate tiny (even smallr than the Amrit™ module itself) switch (0.26” (L) x 0.23” (W) x 0.09" (T)) that can be placed anywhere inside the locomotive to turn the battery power on or off. That way, you can keep it away from the motor or other magnetic material to avoid it getting activated accidentally while conveniently accessible to be remotely operated by a "magnetic wand". It does not interrupt charging as long as input voltage is greater than 7V.



Amrit™ - Immortality for model railroad layouts

"There is no substitute for clean tracks ... period."  - Yes, we have heard that over a million times. Including here in our own FAQ section. The reality, though, is that most of us face performance issues, no matter how religiously we maintain the cleanliness of our tracks. And these are the kind of performance issues that cannot be attributed to any specific equipment malfunction, except what transpires over what is literally the "lifeblood" of the layout, i.e. the tracks. We could spend precious hours and days trying to isolate the specific root causes, and still likely not end up with much success. Or simply embrace the immortality solution for modern model railroad layouts - Amrit™ - the end to all "Unidentified Performance Issues" forever.


*Estimate is based on test results with a typical locomotive that consumes 0.5A at 15V.

BUPAHB - Amrit™ | Uninterrupted Power Supply for LocoFi™ Locomotives

    1. No stalls. No shorts.
    2. No more need for powered frogs.
    3. Don't lose control of your locomotive as it goes deadrail or crosses dirty track.
    4. The reverse loop section can be dead rail and no auto reversing equipment or flipping of switches.
    5. Performs best with 12V of track power. You'll be surprised at the unparalleled performance and smooth operation of your loco.
    6. Yard switching has never been this fun before!
    7. Possibilities unlimited. Tell us more or ask us for some!
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