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Make your HO scale installs easier with this 3-D printed mount. It has two side cradles to house the module and the speaker that will stay in place (although taping them down is recommended for a more robust install). Especially for Athearn Blue Box and RTR, the mount goes over the top motor clip and fits snug. The install is not only made simpler but it looks cleaner and robust.


Please verify that you have enough space in your particular locomotive to house the mount and that the shell will close without any issue. See pictures and dimensions to see if your locomotive qualifies.


  1. [*** Will NOT fit LocoFi™ 1st Gen (DDLLHA) ***]
  2. For Athearn Blue Box and RTR type of locomotives, only the ones having double mounts for the motors fits snug.
  3. Should you choose your own speaker (LocoFi™ modules already come with a high quality pre-wired speaker), the speaker with baffle should not exceed 1" X 0.7" X 0.31" (26mm X 18mm X 8mm).


3-D printed mount for installing LocoFi™ 3 (DULLHB)

  • In general, it requires some out of the box thinking to fit any decoder or module under the shell of any locomotive. Well, now you can relax!


    This 3-D printed mount makes it easy and aids in the physical installation of the LocoFi™ 3 (DULLHB) modules. With wires out of the way and neatly tucked away, it holds the board and speaker nicely in their cradles well away from the moving parts. Please note that you will still need to solder the 7 wires. The use of mount just makes it a breeze to install.


    The mount specially features flat top and four holes for easy mounting on top of the motor clip of HO scale Athearn RTR and Blue Boxes with double motor mounts. Athearns BB and RTR being our most popular DC to LocoFi™ conversions, unfortunately have a big drawback. There exists no proper way to mount the LocoFi™ board. It ends up flopping around in the loco after a while. Although not damaging, the board, wires and/or speaker occasionally may come in contact with the moving parts within the loco causing friction and some noise making. On rare occasions, a loose wire or two may get stuck in the flywheels bringing the loco to a complete stop.


    We found that all (or most) RTR and Blue Boxes have a common design. The plastic bracket has 4 small projections to hold the top motor clip. Realizing that, we have designed a mount around that and successfully 3-D printed it to bring it to you.


    Please watch the following video for more details:


    3-D Printed Mount for Installing LocoFi™ 3 (DULLHB)


    Got any HO scale RTR or Blue Box waiting to be converted to LocoFi™?

    • Dimensions: 4.8” (L) x 0.67” (W) x 0.36" (H)
    • Product Weight: 0.16oz
    • Shipping Weight: 3.5oz
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