If setting up DCC for your new layout seems complicated... or want to have something cool to run even on your existing DCC layout... or just plain go deadrail, then LocoFi™ is for you.

Quick facts about LocoFi™:

  1. Simple: Easy to configure. Easy to use.

  2. Power: Runs on DC, DCC or battery (deadrail).

  3. Onboard sound: Based on open source format .WAV audio files and easily customizable.

  4. Bi-directional communication: Get real time feedback from the loco e.g. current speed, other trains/engineers on the network, etc.

  5. WiFi based ONLY: Fast, reliable and IoT based. Create a network of devices using ONE non-proprietary protocol only. No complexity trying to interface equipment that follows different protocols.

  6. Cost: No extra equipment. Period. Most likely, all you need to buy is the LocoFi™ module itself.

No extra sound decoders just to get direct wireless capability. Sound is built right in and can be tailored to your liking with simple editing... that's right, simple and... again without needing any extra proprietary equipment.

With LocoFi™, you do have to solder 7 wires to install the module in the loco but there's no mess of wiring to deal with under your table. This should be an easy call to make.

Introducing LocoFi™

LocoFi™ provides simple yet powerful multi-train multi-engineer model train control system with onboard sound without any extra equipment like command stations, boosters, expensive proprietary handheld controllers or even computers. There's minimum to no wiring at all. All you need is a LocoFi™ module, your smartphone and optionally a WiFi router. The module gets installed in the loco and can be DC or DCC track powered or even battery powered. Since the communication is DIRECT over ubiquitous WiFi protocol, there's no commands that go on the track. This means reduced overhead, less maintenance, less hidden costs that come with setting up a system. It's cutting edge technology utilizing existing hardware in everyone's hands, simple intuitive interface and even customizable sounds. Because of its simplicity and ability to be powered by a variety of power sources from as low as 7V to as high as 24V, your can take your locos (even consisted) around to different clubs without changing a thing. Being primarily a software and WiFi based system, it is updateable over the air so you don't have to miss out on the new features as they roll out. Your hardware remains the same but the functionality keeps increasing. This, no programming based system with haptic controls and pressure sensitive features can easily co-exist independently with other systems on the same layout without interfering at all. It promises to be a system of the future using the in-built IoT to connect to other devices on the network, create a distributed system with embedded powerful processors and high bandwidth to support video streaming, decision making as in artificial intelligence and automation. The bi-directional nature of communication provides real-time feedback, is prototypical in nature and yet even kids can operate it!

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September 2020

Model Railroader Magazine


"... those who don’t wish to convert a layout to Digital Command Control (DCC), LocoFi ... provides an intriguing option for independent locomotive control as well as on-board sound. ..."

"... app also features so-called “haptic” control, .... This helped me more easily control the throttle without having to look at the screen."

"... shows the potential that LocoFi holds for becoming an alternative to DCC ..."

- Model Railroader Magazine

The Details

LocoFi™ is based on the paradigm shift where how you control your locomotive is separate from how you power it.

With separation of power and control comes:

  1. Simplification: The interdependence of power and control signal makes the system complex. Moreover, a direct connection means less number of intermediary components, leading to further simplification.

  2. Performance: Dual powerful micro-controllers, high communication bandwidth and the powerful computer in your hand can deliver unparalleled performance. Imagine real-time cab view streaming of an ops session or giving control to operate your railroad from across the world!

  3. Ease of Use: Everyone loves interactive rich user interface. Graphical interface of smartphone makes management, operation and configuration of your loco a piece of cake leaving you to focus and enjoy true operations like load simulation, grade simulation, braking, etc. and literally puts you in the engineer's seat.

  4. Security & Reliability: The underlying security, robustness and reliability of WiFi need no mention.

  5. Scalability: Software managed approach with powerful hardware and innovative ground up approach design leads to scalability.

  6. Real Time Feedback: Bi-directional communication provides real time monitoring and usage statistics about your loco. This feedback mechanism can be exploited to being more prototypical operation.​

The onboard sound is user configurable and stored on a removable microSD card. The sounds are in non proprietary format and easy to edit giving users the option to either use their own recordings or third party provided sounds without binding you into manufacturer provided proprietary sound formats. Just like scenery, trackwork or electronics, this just opened up yet another aspect for modelers to explore!

All this with:

  • X NO boosters or command stations

  • X NO additional wiring

  • X NO computers

  • X NO custom proprietary throttles

  • X NO CV programming

LocoFi™ hardware virtually never gets outdated

Keeps evolving with Over The Air firmware updates!


With regular FREE updates, you just get new features delivered to you!

No more taking out the decoder and sending it in for upgrade.

Unparalleled Prototypical Behavior
High Fidelity Sound On-Board
WiFi Enabled for Wireless Control
  • NO additional equipment

  • NO additional wiring

  • NO proprietary controllers

  • NO CV programming

  • Compatible with DC and DCC tracks

  • Use your own custom sounds

  • Fits most HO scale diesel locos

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